UTS solution partners consist of Turkey’s leading consultants, healthcare facility operators, IT system integrators and international engineering companies who have significant experience in public and private heath investments.

UTD together with his solution partners, have designed, planned and operated numerous healthcare facilities including IT systems and medical equipment. He also provided construction supervision services to ensure the facilities are delivered according to the expected standards. In this context, the gross total of provided services worldwide, add up to over 4,000 beds and 1,000,000 square meters.

Our mission is to take active, transparent and honest part in renovation, construction or operation of new developments in order to assist Turkey’s needs to obtain health services in within up to date facilities.

Our staff consisting of expert engineers from all disciplines is composed of the following departments:

Healthcare Facilities Design GroupHospital Information Technologies GroupOperational Planning and Medical Equipment GroupConstruction Supervision DepartmentPlanning, Reporting and Cost Control GroupLegal Advisors